YoYo Info Expansion

Hi i’m SR and I’m new here. I’ve been going on yo-yo expert for about 3 months though.


YoYoExpert should include avg. sleep times, average user ratings, etc.

Just an idea.


Welcome, first of all!

Second, in regards to average sleep time, I find that to be unnecessary. It doesn’t really matter… as long as you finish the trick.

The other topic, average user rating, do you mean like a reputation system? Explain.

I think he means all of that on the shop. So we can tell our average sleep times/ratings on the shop section.

In reguards to the avg. ratings, I mean yoyo expert members could rate yoyo’s (1,2,3,4,5 star) so buyers could see what people think about that yo-yo. Like youtube, rate a video, leave a comment.

In reguards to sleep time, I guess you don’t really need that if you have the ratings. I figured this because yoyocrazy.com includes this on most yo-yo’s.

And another question is “YoYo Bot” in the Chat room a human? Sorry, I just thought it was weird that “it” could type in 0.62 seconds and keep repeating if I asked “it” a question.


Well, I think a sleep time average would be out of the question, because of this reason (I am stealing this example from someone else)

You can give a Catch 22 to a new thrower, and a more experienced thrower would still be able to achieve more sleep time with a simple Kickside.

The moral is, its mostly about the throw. Sure, other factors come into play, but YoYoExpert sells great products, so most of the sleep time will be great. Besides that though, I think a rating and comment system would be great :wink: