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so, I watched ‘The Social Network’ a bit ago, and in the beginning, Zuckerberg creates a more sophisticated ‘hot or not’ app - which created ratings by comparing random women side by side.

While ‘hot or not’ is odious when applied to people, I think it would be pretty cool to apply it to yoyos. Even subdivide the yoyos by category (plastic, metal, bi-metal, ti, etc.) with an option for NA if the voter hasn’t used the yoyo. Also, categorizing by other things (spin, stability, speed, finish, grinding, etc.) would be cool.

This would generate a neat list of top yoyos categorized by various characteristics by people with experience using them. Further, YYE must already have the database of yoyos and their characteristics - since it has the store. Just have to write a new app against the database :slight_smile:

Wish I were a better programmer…

This sounds like a great idea! I’d support this

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

it would also be cool to look at the results over time. see how a yoyo moves up and down in the rankings. It would be neat to see how certain ‘classics’ may move down briefly when there is a new release, but then move back up again.

I like the concept, but I don’t think it will help other players. Everyone has their own preference.

I like the idea but there are a considerable amount of variables to iron out to ensure even adequate accuracy.

“Hype or no hype” seems to possibly be a a key factor in this…there could be an amazing yoyo but doesn’t get the recognition due to lack of hype. If we all went off of hype-driven yoyos, we would be missing out on some excellent yoyos that are “lesser known”.

Wont work for a very simple reason.

Everyone that has some/any feedback; can have completely different degrees of skills/experience to distinguish various aspects/attributes.

Valid results are most often the results of valid testing.

People that throw yoyos may not have a scientific bone in their body😳
You can’t establish valid useful information if your average contributors have skill levels from 1 to 10.

The results may be interesting. But they just wouldn’t be useful.


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I absolutely agree that the results will in no way be scientific. as stated above, varying skill levels and preferences will ensure that.

however, right now, i like looking at what other people write about their various yoyos, I gather their opinions, and that helps me zero in on yoyo’s i may want to purchase. The fact is, those reviews can be just as subjective.

I figured this idea would more be a fun thing, something that might give some info about what many in the community consider great throws. I would expect the results to be interesting, but to be taken with a grain of salt. They would probably show more about the community and fads/hype - or the results may continue to point to a few really good yoyos. who knows?

This is more a though experiment about how to find great throws when there are hundreds to choose from. if anyone did program it, i figured it would be a fun thing to do periodically.