yoyo imformation help


I need some help whats the best sleeping yoyo with a price range from 0-60?


Well I know you can’t find any good yoyos for zero dollars. :smiley: On a more serious note, the g-funk champions collection is still in stock and I’ve heard great things about it. I’ve also heard amazing things about the yoyojam trigger for far cheaper. I got my dv888 for 45$ and loved it. Personally, I’d get the trigger, even if price wasn’t an object.


In that price range, you have some pretty good options. I’m going to list a bunch for you because really it will come down to your preferences on which one you will choose. If you don’t have any preferences yet, just pick a shape you’re amused by and go for it!

Under $35
YYJ Chaser
YYJ Trigger*
YYF ShaqlerStar
YYF ProtoStar*
YYF NorthStar

From $35-65
YYF Dv888
YYF G-Funk
YYJ Dark Magic II* (And most other YYJ plastic/metal builds)
C3 Di Base*
C3 Halo
C3 Capless

The ones with a * beside them are pretty popular yoyos in the yoyoexpert community and I have heard nothing really negative about them. The others aren’t bad choices either, just less of a following. Personally, I like the Dv888 and its shape, as well as the ProtoStar. The yoyos in the 35-65 category will more than likely take more of a beating than the plastics in the cheaper section, but if you’re careful and play over carpet or grass, durability wouldn’t be too much in question.

Good luck! ;D


if the star marks the popular models, then the capless should be like,


The capless gets crazy things said about it, and i agree wit them!


Hehe, I haven’t done any research on it and everywhere I go on here people are asking about it. Thanks! ;D


It’s very good! i was amazed, and did a like a double take at the thing. it plays so good!



(SR) #8

You need to buy a Dark Magic 2. Maybe a Protostar if you can bind.