Yoyo holsters at Big 5?


It’s more likely than you think.

So, in my wanderings today I decided to stop by Big 5. As I passed the snowboard equipment, I saw this:

(Spikes not included.)

I thought to myself, “Hey, that might make a good yoyo holster…” So I picked one up. Got home, put the spikes on and grabbed a toggle, and got to work.

I undid the knot at the end of the white cord, and threaded it through the underside of the clip.

Then I put the toggle on, and re-did the knot.

Threw in my 888, and it was done.

It holds the 888 really securely, and it can open up to hold pretty much any size throw. The best part is, it doesn’t swing all over the place. I may go pick up a few more in the next couple days. Anyways, hope you enjoyed this little tutorial/public service announcement.

(Props to the Bomb Squad for the spiked holster idea.)


time to go to my local board shop 8)

(Cinimod105) #3

What is the purpose of the spikes?


Just to add a bit of style. ;D You don’t need to have spikes on it, I just had some laying around and thought I’d put them on.


That looks really sweet actually. If I ever get tired of my old hair band and carabiner setup I’ll give that a try.


I’ve actually been using a paracord/toggle/carabiner for a while now, until I made this. :stuck_out_tongue: I still use it, it’s just clipped to the front of my camera bag.


Where did you get the toggle thingy