Paracord yoyo holster, thoughts?


Hey guys got a yoyo holster here, made it in about ten minutes, wanted to see what folks thought and if y’all had any ideas on improvement.


Would love to do a tut on this if anyone’s interested


Looks pretty rockin’!


Please do.

(kclejeune) #5

Yeah, that’s awesome! Another user in the forums already sells these, but I’ve been curious about how to tie that knot. A tutorial would be sweet!


Right on its actually pretty simple, I looked at the guy who sells this and they are really nice, this would be more like a stripped, ghetto rigged version lol I don’t think it would step on the toes of his business so ill do a tut on how I did mine later this week :slight_smile:


Did two more one that has to braided parts and one that’s full braided


Hey…isn’t that a Super G? Looks a Paul Han edition. I like…


Yes it is eyyc edition


you can learn cobra knots and variations thereof in about 5 minutes on youtube… this is just a minor adaptation of that.

(don’t mean to knock it, it’s rather clever and I like it, but you don’t need to spend a ton of time on a tutorial)



Oh no doubt I was just gonna do a picture tut and show some placements of clips that kinda thing


cool idea though :wink: