Yoyo Hats!

Ever been worried about your yoyo’s getting scratched in your pocket? And you don’t want to use an uncomfertable sling? We have your solution!

These things have sold fast - I put them up on another forum this morning, and I have already sold nearly 30!

As they are all hand made, they do take time to make! I will be able to have more made by the end of next week! So if you want a certain colour and/or amount please PM me so I can have them made! There is only 1 of us making them and they have a job so we can’t make too many a week, so depending on how quick you PM me the higher up on the list you are to get your hats!

The more you buy the less they cost (Shipping not encluded)!
1 = £5.00
2 = £4.50 (Each)
3 = £4.25 (Each)
4 = £4.00 (Each)
5 = £3.50 (Each)
6 = £3.25 (Each)
7 + = £3.00 (Each)

Every Hat is hand made and they all come in a variety of colours as shown in the pictures, They are made to fit a regular sized yoyo but they do strech a bit has they are made of whool so obviously they do have some strechability (if thats a word :L). Anyway, get your yoyo’s a hat! Keep them warm! Stylish! And colourfull!

Some pictures:




That there is cool. Think you could make a multi colored hat?

We are going to attempt it, but for now just solid colours :wink:

If it weren’t for you being in the UK, I’d order some. Shipping is kinda way over-board. That’s not you, that’s the postal system in general.

I’m going to see about taking a crochet class so I can make my own. Not to complete, but because I have a few projects of my own, and it just so happens to be a similar product.

I hope to get them stocked in shops so you willl hopfully be able to get some :slight_smile:

You should use tye dye ink or something like it to put on a brush and then flick it at the hats to give them a splash like effect. That would be so cool.

I’ll take that into consideration!

I hope so. I’ll probably learn to make my own anyways, but there IS a market for these. People WANT these!

Id like to get a white with green splash for my Trident ;D
Btw, nice Dark Sonic and Halo you get there :wink:

Haha thanks, I’ll see about the splash, :slight_smile:

Shipping these to the states really shouldn’t be expensive at all, as long as your customers are alright with not having a tracking number. They’d fit in a very small padded envelope and I can ship something that size and weight to the UK by parcel post for just a few dollars. You should look into it and post up a shipping price so everyone knows what they’re getting into.