Yoyo gloves

So, I’m tired of string turning all oily after an hour, so I want a nice pair of gloves. Not really even a special yoyo pair of gloves, just a plain white pair . Would those work, and are there any certain ones that work better than others?

Billiards gloves work perfect

The best gloves I’ve found are “New feeling nylon gloves”, which you can find at another website.

They last for a very long time and have just the right amount of friction. Seriously, they last five times longer than any other gloves (even billiards gloves) I have ever tried, and I have tried almost all of them.

Wash your hands before you play. It helps a lot. I know it’s not always an option.

CVS, Rite Aid etc. sell plain white gloves. They’re small as they’re designed for women, but the Japanese gloves are also small, so if you have regular man-sized hands look elsewhere.

Queen of hearts nylon glove from amazon is great. It’s a full hand covering but it’s tight, which is a good thing.

Alright… Is their a way to wash string?

Those plain white cotton gloves you can get from the supermarket cleaning aisle will work just fine. As for washing string. just chuck them into your jacket/pants pocket before chucking them into the washing machine.


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