Yoyo Gift help


So, a nice Italian man has been helping out my family with tours and such. My aunt knows him because they are looking at a house in Italy and he is their relator. Anyways, he has been very nice, so my Mom suggested we give him a present. We thought about a gift card, but the place we were thinking of had no cards. He has a 8 year old son who was interested in my yoyoing, so my mom suggested I give him one of my yoyos I brought with me. Naturally, I was a bit reluctant to give up on of my elite throws, since I brought 4 of my top 8, but in the end I decided to give him my CLYW Chief, along with some string.

Here’s the problem. I need to convey information to him regarding on how to progress in yoyoing, as well as the fact that the Chief is unresponsive and does not come back up. Is there any Italian yoyoer here that can help me tell this to his father? Neither has very good english…HELP. Also…any good Italian yoyo learning sites?

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Awesome. Good for you.

Come on folks, comment like crazy. Keep this one on top.


Very thoughtful of you! How was your tour?


Good. The boys father was extremely knowledgeable. I was throwing most of the time. That very same Chief actually. Italy is very scenic.

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Not sure how but maybe you could get in touch with the people from oxygen yoyos to help you out. They are in italy


What a nice gesture! A clyw at that! Its funny if you think about that, start with a top noch throw, how do you upgrade after that? Yes, try different things, but its like learning to drive with a F1. Which is not a bad thing in and of itself.

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Probably wouldve been better to order a yoyo from one of the European online stores and get him something more beginner friendly. Although a Chief is quite the gift lol


Yeah lol…we are leaving tommorow…so anyone know Italian lol?


Well here is a translating site hope this helps.



You could print out a translation of instructions by using google translate in Italian!


Google translate doesn’t work very well, but it could probably do enough so he understands


WOW. You’re generous. wow. wow. wow. I admire you. wow.

I would suggest adding another responsive yoyo to the mix though. so we will be able to learn regarding the up and down motion of the yoyo along with the feel for the yoyo.


Hey, he’s moving fairly quickly, is this a decent explanation of how to bind? I sent this to him… Im not sure how well I explained it…

After the yoyo is spinning, take the index finger of the hand that the yoyo is not attached to, and pull the string towards you. Then, with the strung still hooked around your non-yoyo hand, pull down with the yoyo hand. (hand that yoyo is attached to) The yoyo should rise. Move the string attached to your yoyo hand around the middle of the yoyo. (The gap, the skinny part). Let the yoyo land onto the string. Relax your hand, let the sting become bent, holding the yoyo. Then, with your non-yoyo hand, pinch the string wrapped around the index finger with the non yoyo hand thumb, pinning it against the non yoyo hand index, the one it is wrapped around. Then, move your yoyo hand in front of your non yoyo hand. Make sure you are still pinching the string that is around you non-yoyo hand index finger. Move your yoyo hand upwards. The yoyo should start to wind up around the string. Let go of the string around your non-yoyo hand. The yoyo should return to your yoyo hand.