Yoyo Factory One vs. Shinwoo Techno 2

hey guys,
I’m going to buy either a YoyoFactory One or a Shinwoo Techno 2. They are both 10$ and unresponsive but I’m not sure which one to get. I’ve heard the YYF One has wayyyy to much vibe. which yoyo do you think i should get? ???

If you take off the caps on the one, it has less vibe.

if your more for the undersized throws the one might be more up your alley. Though the Techno 2 packs a little extra diameter. Personally the one felt like a light lynn furry so if you’ve ever tried that one and really liked it then the one again would be a good choice. I have never tried the Techno 2, but the shape looked really interesting. Personally now I want to try one. I’ll half to add that to my “ME WANTY” list.

aight thanks, sounds llike the One is yalls recommendation

The Techno 2 is a fun yoyo, but you will need to clean the bearing.

Never thrown the One.

i’ve never played a one but I really love my techno 2 it’s my main pocket throw at the time