Yoyo Emoji


Well, title says it all. We want a yoyo emoji! I made a petition thingy.


Just do the thing and we might get one.

Edit: I might (probably not) be able to get some artwork up late tonight, but probably tomorrow sometime. To give you guys an idea of what it might look like.

Another edit: Overdue, but still. (I apologize for how horrible it is, paint’s been acting weird so I’ll blame it on that.


I’m going to sign it, but we need a few for variety. I guess one is a start. This is a good idea. So, after we sign the petition, who will see it, to make sure we get the emoji?


13 sigs, change the world!

You might want to put this on reddit if you haven’t already.


Don’t have one, but thanks for the suggestion!


So suppose you get a bazillion signatures, who are you going to present the petition too??? :wink:


Umm, do I have to answer that? I don’t know yet, to be honest.

oh, and here’s some artwork. It’s horrible, but paint has been acting weird lately, so I can blame it on that.


My spanish professor’s brother in law is part of the emoji committee that decides whether or not emojis get put onto apple devices lol. It’s a surprisingly in depth process since they need to consider anybody an emoji might offend, visuals on it, etc.


I never thought of it that way. Thanks for the info!


Well what’s the point then?


I have quite a bit of time to figure that out, I’ll do some searching around and might come up with something.


I don’t like the V bearing in it. Please switch it to an NSK micro :stuck_out_tongue:


lol r u offended how bout a center track or kk


KK would be acceptable but NSK would make my day 8)


If NSK is wanted, then NSK is given. Just give me a little bit. School, 'nuff said.

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Careful with reddit. They will destroy you on a whim if they feel so inclined. LOL


Reddit can be a cruel mistress.


It’s been over a year. Is this thing still happening?

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/ \

Heh I never felt the need for a yoyo emoji.


…being an old fart, I had to look up Emoji to see what it was. ;D


No worries, I am not twenty yet and I feel out of the loop already. I constantly have to look up abbreviations and such that people use. I do not understand my own generation… :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: