Yoyo easy mods?

Well i have the speed beetle, legacy, butterfly, and imperial, i just wanted to know if anyone knows some easy mods for these? Next yoyo im getting is the hectic so, any mods would be helped, thank you

Why mod them?

If the butterfly is new then nothing, Same with the imperial.
As for the other two, I’d leave them alone.

Well, neither the imperial or butterfly are new, so i would be happy to mod them if i could but i dont have any ideas on where to start, and the legacy i suppose is fine but the spped beetle has a little wear and tear

I’m sorry. I meant that if they were made with the newer plastic, Like seen at Walmart, they they are no good for modding.

well a mod for the speed beetle would be to take off one sticker. A mod for the legacy would be to take off the silicon, and put in o-rings

use mods at your own risk!!

yeah it’s a new one, from walmart and i did that to the speed beetle i want to like gut it or somthing and i ordered silicon o rings and ill put those on, but for now i want to know how to mod a butterfly, cause i checked out another post and it had a picture, but i dont know how to gut a yoyo, thats what i want to find out how to do, and like super mod it

O-rings didn’t fit in a legacy I tried cough 20q234 Cough.

Also if you don’t know how to properly mod you could damage a yoyo. If you really want a mod go and contact a professional modder like RiceRocket.