yoyo disaster

ok so I was yoyoing in my playroom and my ministar hit the light and glass came down all over me and I burnt my toe but worst of all my yoyo has three giant dings!!! could I paint over it??? or will that look stupid…

my moms gonna freak when she hears this one…

It’ll be fine.
Just leave it, pick up the glass.

as long as it doesnt affect play its fine

Not really anthing you can do. Can’t paint it with art pait. You would need a profesional set up to do the job. And for a solid color would cost you like 30 bucks. And you wouldn’t have the nice beadblast you used to have, and most likely, the dings will still be there. They will be painted over but you can still feel them and see them. Just not as well. And you can sand it with a drill. But that can throw the yoyo off and give it a good vibe, and you wouldn’t have the nice blasting surface. You can ano it, but it will cost you like 30 bucks, and it will hide the dings, but they will still be there. You will still feel them, and see them. But you would have to strip the yoyo to do that. Best choice is to just take some light sand paper, lightly rub the dings. Just a little. Just enough to where it won’t totally slow down grinds. And then just pick up the glass, and yoyo. Or just deal with the dings, and just yoyo as Matt said. :wink:

-James Reed

thanks alot ;D

Dings happen. The first are the worst, but you’ll feel better in time.

the first week i had my ministar, i got around 6 decent dings. somehow, i think the ministar is more ding prone to the hatrick. i had one ding on my hatrick and i hit the same things with it.

If it’s not affecting grinds, it’ll be fine… and don’t worry, the dings aren’t that bad.

You know you yoyo too much when you break a light and think of the yoyo first

Who knew yoyos made such a fantasic wind chime?

That sounded much better than most of the wind chimes ive heard