Yoyo design


This is just a roughed out sketch to get a general idea of the body. My dad has a close friend who is a machinist who offered to make me a couple yoyos for free!!! Still working on bearing seat dimensions. Mine is the one on the right while a dietz on the left.


Looks good so far!

Just remember to keep the walls at least 3mm thick. I remember reading one of the guys from one drop posting that, and they know what they’re talking about.


thanks for the advice


You should send me one ;D


Shawn from One Drop told me the thinnest they go is 1650 microns thick (if I recall correctly)

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You can go >2mm and be fine, ask Kyo. He did it with one of his.

Its really that going thinner can negatively effect play.


I heard if you got thinner instead of dinging your yoyo it will dent if you hit it hard but ive never made a youo and this is hear-say

Ask some people that mike yoyos like da5id, kyo, orsomeone else if they have any suggestions that might make it a bit better how are you hoping it plays and what are the specs? Also whats the scale on this graph

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Depends on the shape of the yoyo.


What software are you using? I see that you are using it on an iPad…is it Autodesk 123D Design? I use that on my computer sometimes when I want to try to make a yoyo design.

The part that I am stuck on is the area right near the axle hole. You know how there is a little raised area right beside the axle? I have no idea what the dimensions should be for that. Is that part crucial to the bearing working properly? I hope not…


Autodesk Inventor is a great software to make anything, including yo-yos!

Good luck on your project buddy! Keep us updated please. Thought of a name yet?


i will just take my handy dandy caliper and get dimensions off another yoyo. Then so I am not copying I will alter it a little (like the depth of the bearing seat)


no not yet I am probably just gonna make shure it works first then name it