Yoyo cozies FS

Keep your yoyos cozy when you bring them out with you.

Dings and scuffs should happen when you hurl your prize yoyos towards the ground, not when they are sleeping in your bag or backpack.

Hand knit by the wonderful Deezy

3 for $10 plus first class shipping.

Shipping should be about $5 on average but I’ll give you a location-based estimate. Shipped from VA.

Please specify which lot you want.

Lot 1: SOLD!

Lot 2:

Lot 3: SOLD!

Lot 4:

Lot 5:


Awesome Job! Love the Stars and Stripes!

I’ll pick one of those up for sure when I finally land my hands on a YYF American in the Stars and Stripes Colorway!



*yoyo not included



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My lady made these for fun and she will make more if these sell. Lots 2-5 available. The one in the above pic is not available bc it is mine :slight_smile:

Got mine today! They are awesome!

Perfect for Travel! Literally taking my throws on a four day trip today, so they came just in time!


These double as a koozie for a can as well, correct?


Benji Sharib (@shabibo) gave me one of these back in 2014. I wonder if he originally got it from you? ::hmm::

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@yoyoworkshop_wayne these are the first cozies we made but my better half got the idea from one I had since before. I’ve had a couple of them that I got on the forums and always thought they were super handy.

@Roman_Soup rad! thanks for sharing the pics! Glad you got them in time for your trip.

@kretzschmar I don’t know if these are also suitable for cans, but I can do this important bit of research this evening. :wink:


Thank you @beezy

Please try out each and every one tonight a report back, lol

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Lots 2,4,5 available from this batch.

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Bump! Trades also considered.

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@kretzschmar Tried these as a Beverage Cozy. Can confirm they work, best with skinny cans.

Still… my response:



Great! :laughing: I tried with a tallboy and it didn’t fit. However, I can see how skinny cans would work. Cheers!


Ain’t no law when you drinkin’ White Claw.

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