These yoyo's need to go!!!!!!

So i find myself yoyoing less and less now a days so all of these need to go. All of these yoyo’s are in excellent condition unless noted otherwise. I have lost most of the boxes for these aswell but I will include them if i happen upon them before they sell. I work Monday thru friday until 5 every day so it may take me a couple days to get shipping organized, but I will do it ASAP
Dont be afraid to make an offer!!

First off is 2 yyf 2.0’s.
Price- 50 each OBO

next is a CLYW Petr Chief from the first run they did in this colorway.
Price 120 OBO

Next Up is a CLYW Arctic Circle, forget what this colorway is called.
Price 120 OBO

Next is a purple Yuuksta, i think this one has a couple small scratches, but nothing big
price 50 OBO

Next is a yoyo jam eneme.
price 50 obo

Next is a one drop code 2.
Price 65 obo

The glacier express anno is called hulk smash

Also, that “Glacier Express” is an Arctic Circle.

Thanks guys I’ll make those changes once I get home

bump, cmon people throw me some offers. The random japanese yoyo is gone!!

the green and purple is called hulk smash btw

Fg avalanche and the Japanese yoyo are gone. Legs get some lore offers here guys

bump, cmon guys make some offers