Back from the dead to sell my collection. Featuring a Royal Bison Chief!


Hey all. I’m currently in need of some money, and I have too many yoyos sitting around collecting dust. So I have decided to sell them. At least someone can get some use out of them. ALL YOYOS ARE SMOOTH UNLESS SPECIFIED. Will sell all together for $850 $750 shipped. (Chief not included)

  1. CLYW Royal Bison Chief. Near Mint with Box.

    • One of three in the world. This is the rarest yoyo I’ve ever owned, and I’ve had it for a while. I guess it’s just time to let go. It has the tiniest pinprick on it that is so hard to find unless you really try to look for it. I honestly don’t know what to price this at, so please just send me a SERIOUS offer.
  2. CLYW x OneDrop Summit. Near Mint with Box.

  • It has an unfeelable tiny mark that doesn’t break the paint whatsoever, but it’s still there so might as well mention it. I am completely unaware what this colorway is called or the rarity of it. It is clear with dark blue and black splash. If some kind soul can assist me with this, it would be greatly appreciated.
  1. CLYW Avalanche. Near mint with box.
  • This has been my favorite yoyo for the longest time. It is absolutely smooth and it looks great. I believe the colorway is called Ninja Hurdles, but I’m not 100% certain. It is green with a silver acid wash and red splash. It has a flatspot and an anodizing flaw on one of the rims, but it’s not a fools gold, and I will not sell it as such.
  1. CLYW Glacier Express. Near Mint.
  • Not much to say about this thing. 2 very tiny pinstripes on the rims. I believe the colorway is Hulk Smash. Green with a silver acid wash and purple splash.
  1. ILYYxOnedrop Sakura. Broken Hearts. Near Mint with pouch.
  • Not much to say. It is really pretty. It has this very odd mark on it that doesn’t break the anno, and 1 pinstripe that doesn’t break the anno. Neither are noticeable.
  1. OneDrop CODE 2. Citrus Fade. Near Mint with Box.
  • This was my main throw for a long time. I absolutely loved this thing. The fade is just really appealing (pun not intended). It has a few marks that don’t break the anno on the rims, a pinstripe, and one little ding.
  1. SPYY Punchline Repeater. Mint with box.
  • Not much to say. Orange with Yellow splash. It grinds like a champion.

8 ) One Drop Burnside. Eerie Lake. Near mint with box.

  • Has some little marks around one of the rims. 1 of 7.
  1. Crucial Confection. Near mint with box.
  • Very underrated yoyo. Blue with Pink splash. Has a pinstripe a small flatspot and 2 tiny little dings.
  1. Yoyofactory Avant Garde. Señor Julio Edition. Near Mint with box.
  • Green power coated rims with a golden center. Really good at rejections. Has 2 marks.
  1. One Drop CODE2. Solid orange. Comes with box.
  • Has 2 dings, 2 pinpricks and a few marks. Not really a beater, but it has some damage.
  1. 3YO3 Bassline. Gold. Comes with container.
  • beat, but almost all the damage is unfeelable. Super underrated.
  1. YYJ Classic. Pink. Mint with box.
  • not much to say. It’s a fun plastic.
  1. YYJ Classic. Black and white.
  • Signed by someone, not sure who. Has a scuff, some marks, and a ding. Has O-rings instead of pads.
  1. ILYY Void. Blue/Gold.
  • Has 4 dings. 2 Pinstripes. 2 Flatspots. Has some slight vibe, but it’s still playable.
  1. YYF '08 888. Aqua Edition.
  • Slightly beat. No hubstacks because it plays better without it IMO. Slight Vibe.

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