Cheap BST! Take a look... Looking for an orange or yellow Jensen Kimmit northsta

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Hi, I have a few yoyos for sale or trade:

  1. Blue One Drop Code 1. Pretty much beat, although it does play exceptional for it’s condition. Has dings all around the rims but only a few are feelable. The dings kinda blend, making it look like a colorway! ;D Does have a little vibe. Looking for $50 shipped
  2. Raw/Unpolished Crucial Dulce. Mint. You can probably polish it so it’ll look like a mirror! :smiley: Has some vibe. $50 shipped
  3. Black CLYW Fools Gold Avalanche. Mint in box. This will be hard to get from me. Has VERY little vibe for a fools gold, but I can’t tell you if it has any anno flaws. I can’t say for sure but I don’t think so. I’m really going to miss this one. :’( $70 shipped.
    4)Random string. Alot of string in a bag. Mostly YYF string, YYE string and 50/50 string (slick string). Has some other randoms too. Looking for $12 shipped or $6 with any other yoyo.
    Mostly looking to sell, but will take some trades. Trades MUST be mint.
    Thanks for viewing and PM me if your’e interested! :slight_smile:

Title says it all. Let me know if you have any. I am mostly looking to buy. Thanks! ;D