These Throws Need Homes! CLYW, GEn-Yo


I’m selling some of my yoyos. I play with all my yoyos, so some of them have some marks, pictured. I am only looking for cash/paypal offers right now, not trades. Thanks for looking, and please hit me up with any offers/questions you might have. Pics

Mischief edition Chief: This yoyo has a couple marks. It is one of my favorite editions, and it plays great. $100

Purple Yeti: This is mint as far as I can tell. Super fun yoyo. SOLD

Delirium Dive Puffin 2: This has one mark that doesn’t break ano from when I knocked it off the counter. Plays great, super fun, super retired. $70

Green Bonfire: Such a pretty color. This was my everyday throw for a long time, and it has the signs of play. I pictured it as best as I could. There is one big ding that is the most noticeable, as well as some other little ones all over. It plays beautifully. $65

FG Ashberry Wooly Marmot 2: SOLD

FG Matsuri Wooly Marmot 2: I love these yoyos, this one has the same, a few little rubs and a few ano flaws.

General Yo Prophecy: I found one mark, pictured. This is such a rad yoyo. $55

Here is the image link again.
Please send me some offers and thanks for looking!

Up. Willing to do package deals.