Yoyo competing help?

Alright… I plan to compete… Please, hold applause till the end. It will be at next years MER. So I got a while, I figure I should start now.

How MER worked last year was a two minute freestyle, and then a one minute final FS. So first off I need music. I was thinking “Toughest Steet in Town” by Thin Lizzy for the two minute but I need something for the one minute. Suggestions are welcome. Something upbeat but I dont wanna get rushed…

Second, I just cant seem to make up tricks… Any tips?

What are some good/high scoring elements to work into my freestyle? Like what kind of tricks score well? What kind dont? I dont plan on winning, (Freaking Chris Frasier competes at MER…I really just want the experience) But I’d like to have a foundation to build on…

Colored string? Whats with it? Will I need to get white? Guys at worlds only use white but people at nats were using colored string?

I’ll probably be updating this in the next few months, maybe videos of my progress… Thanks in advance!