Yoyo comparisons

Which is better (not considering the price):

  1. New Breed, Dark Magic, or X-Convict (and why)?
  2. M1 or Project 2 by One Drop?

It is all personal preference.

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I’m actually asking what everybody’s preference would be and why.

Well, for my preference, number 2. ;D

I should clarify this, my bad. Choose a yoyo from 1) and 2) with a reason (it doesn’t matter what the reason is, just be honest).

there is no real “better”. it is all personal preference.

for me, i would pick number one. to me, 3 yoyos would be a greater deal than 2, but the quality would be preference, and to some, it wouldn’t.

i picked number one because i’m not a big fan one onedrop, and like yoyojam a lot better. i’ve also heard that they are very good, and i have tried out the dark magic, and x-convict. however, don’t get me wrong, but i personally think that onedrop is a bit overrated for their yoyos. everyone has so much hype, and that’s what looses some, like me.

I believe what Dark Chaos meant is

#1.What yoyo do you prefer between:

New Breed, Dark Magic, or X-Convict (and why)?

#2.What yoyo do you prefer between:

M1 or Project 2 by One Drop?

I can only answer #1 with New breed since I haven’t played the other two, though I’m currently trying to decide on buying a new or used X-ConVict.

I’ve never played either yoyo in #2 either.

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new breed. i like it because it is very un-responsive, has an awesome wide gap, is a wide, stretched-out butterfly shape, and perfect metal rims which allows it to have long sleep times.

  1. New Breed as I like the shape,It is recently released and I like the gap.

  2. Project 2 because I have a thing in my mind that says that more expensive it is the better.

That’s not true, in my preference a california is better than an 888.

If you don’t want maintaining it always, I go for Dark Magic.
But if you want tight binds but cheaper than One Drop Yo-yo’s, Then go to New breed. :wink: