hitman dark majic 2 or new breed?

i’m looking to buy a new yoyo and i need help to find the best one. should i get the hitman, dark majic 2 or the new breed.

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The hitman X is the best of all yoyos listed

Personally though I’d just get a onedrop rally or yoyofactory shutter which destroy all 3 yoyos you’ve listed.


Of the yoyos listed the Hitman X is probably the most enjoyable, followed closely by the Dark Magic 2. The New Breed is honestly too old and outdated. Yoyojam and yoyos in general have made leaps forward since the New Breed was released.

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thanks for the information it will help me with my purchase.

With all my yoyo’s I keep going back to my Dark Magic II. For me it plays better than all of my other yoyo’s.

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i think i will get the hit man x or dark magic 2. i will keep the one-drop rally in mind.

Rally shutter or myy. What r ur preferences? Weight size?

I’ve tried the original hitman and honestly I wasn’t impressed. I don’t know about the hitman x, but I have to agree that the shutter blows the original out of the water.