Yoyo Companies shutting down?

I am noticing that a lot of yoyos and companies are starting to disappear from the YoYoExpert shop chart.
Probably nothing to be worried of, rather curious. Like RecRev and YoYoRec, and bunch of their stuff has fallen off of the site.

well to be fair, those companies haven’t made a recent new model in any recent time so what they had was sold and now there kind of just waiting for what will come next.

YYE is just taking discontinued and out of stock stuff off the website. Cleaning up I assume.

Probably this. SPYY hasn’t been around since 2013, and you can still find them on YYE store because there’s existing stock.

I think didn’t RecRev also change their name recently? I seem to recall reading something about that recently. Or am I thinking of some other company?

Rec Rev is getting a reboot, I believe.

‘A lot(?) of yoyos and Companies’?

Slight exaggeration; possibly?

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YOYO recreation is still alive and well! came out with one of yhe best lastics around diffusion 2!

This. They did have a mass-discontinuation of their old models (Blink, Dreadnaught, Fragment etc) a while back and have since shifted their focus to new models (Draupnir, Laser), but they’re still as active as ever it seems.

They’ve just released a re-made Sleipnir and still have the Sputnik (a signature model for Ahmad Kharisma) in the works, so it doesn’t look like they’ll be going anywhere soon. My biggest concern is their venturing into the world of diablo manufacture… :stuck_out_tongue:

Granted, you don’t see that many of their products in US shops such as YYE, but in Japan it seems they’re still going strong. :slight_smile:

RecRev is still alive just now under a new banner. Alex Kim has been in the vaping world for a while now and makes mods over there but is making some throws again now.

YYR is still alive and doing very well. Draupnir, Laser, Dazzler, Diffusion 2…

Not sure where you’re coming from. YYE is not the be all, end off of yoyoing. Look around just a tad more.

Basicly Half of all the companies on YYE haven’t made anything in months lol

This can be quite interesting topic, lets talk about companies that seems to be quiet for some time.

X Cube - Last release december 2013, no new yo-yo or even enw run from them since.