Yoyo stocks replenished

How often do yo-yos get restocked? Is there a good way to know if they do? Or how do you know if a yoyo is discontinued and wont be coming back?

I’ve got some that I’m interested in for example (SPYY). But YYE is either all sold out or out of the colorways I like. I’d like to know if they got more in though. Either in the colorways I like or new ones. But then again, if they aren’t going to be restocked, I’d like to know so I can forget about that model.

It all depends on the company really, I’m not to experienced with SPYY so i’m not to sure.

A great way to find out is to go on Facebook (If you have one) like SPYY’s page and they should update there page once in a while. If you’d like to know if it’ll ever be restocked send them a message and depending on the company they should get back to you soon! I know CLYW updates pretty often and replies within a day, same with OneDrop.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

I know some brands like YYJ, Duncan and YYF(among others) tend to make stuff in relatively high volumes. The only real issue is color availability, which for YYJ seems to be an issue. They seem to do big runs of one color, then switch colors and do another run, which in some ways makes sense.

With the metal companies, I’d say contact YYE direct as they may have inside knowledge on what’s going on and can advise accordingly. That’s what I’ve done.

This is fantastic advice.

Yoyos are made, usually, in very small runs by very small compaines. SPYY is run by one man. He comes up with the designs, has them machined, has them anodized, assembles them, and ships them out mostly by himself. Because of that business model, he can only make 100 or so yoyos in each color at any given time. It also makes it very difficult for him to do another run of the same yoyo to replenish retailer’s supplies. He’s got to move on to new models to keep interest in SPYY up and to meet the demands of the players.

It isn’t likely that there will be a restock for any of SPYY’s current models, but the best thing you can do to find out is e-mail YoYoExpert and Steve (owner of SPYY). Tell them what you want and see if they can’t accommodate you!

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