Contacting yoyo sellers (and the politics thereof)


I am posing a question about how politic it is to contact a yoyo selling website regarding restocks/upcoming releases etc. In particular, there is a throw that I would love to be restocked. However, I am unclear whether or not it will be restocked, and the manufacturer, is, well… a little more difficult to contact. I have contacted the website in the past about similar issues with a different yoyo, and I don’t want to seem too needy/pushy and annoy anyone (even if I am needy!!!). This is a general question though, do you lovely folk think webstore owners, or indeed manufacturers, mind being contacted in this way? Am I perhaps over-thinking this?

Thanks in advance?


I don’t think they’d mind at all. They are in the business of selling yoyos and you are simply trying to buy one from them. :slight_smile:


I really don’t think they mind. It may be harder, or just take longer, for some to respond like the Japanese companies, however.




OK, well thanks to jhb’s nice and abrupt response, I contacted the vendor. I don’t know, somehow my inability to follow releases and have to email all these people makes me feel like a muppet and like I’m wasting their time. Thanks people.


One thing I learned about yoyo’s, in general, is to not think about the past.

If something is out of stock, just assume it will never be restocked. Because, in most cases, it never will. They may restock the model, or update it, but chances are they won’t do a second run of the colorway you were eyeing.

So it’s better to live in the moment and look to the future with purchases. If you want something limited that is available now, grab it. Open a credit card. Whatever. It’s unlikely you will get a second shot.

Naturally, there’s exceptions, companies like Yoyofactory produce large numbers and restock frequently on their popular models. For smaller companies, however, more often than not your only chance of getting something specific that is sold out is the BST. Even then it could take months, even years to find that specific throw.

Also keep in mind, just because a company is popular now, that doesn’t mean they will be in a year. There’s staples that aren’t going anywhere (One Drop and CLYW, for example), but there’s been so many other companies that just completely fell off the map and completely halted production - Companies people loved - It’s pretty clear that the industry has a lot of coming and going brands that just can’t sustain. I can think of at least three off the top of my head that I doubt will be around in a year, and I’m sure there’s more, sadly…


slowyojoe is extremely well versed in yoyo buying. lol