how long it take too refill the yoyo stock


well i am gonna buy some yoyo but most off them i want was out off stock so i was
thinking how long it take too refill the yoyo stock


it depends on the company and the yoyo. A lot of what’s sold out isn’t going to be restocked though. :confused:
most smaller companies do one or two runs, and that’s it.
bigger companies though like yyf tend to restock eventually. there’s not really any set time it takes them to restock.

what yoyos were you looking at getting?


Whenever I have a question about availability of an item, I contact the YYE staff and I usually get an answer within 48 hours.

Unlike many other things, yoyos are not as mass produced as a lot of other things, or at least I am given this impression. It also appears that numbers and colors may be a surprise as well.

Let me say this though, and this is a testament to how YYE operates:
I was placing a large order a while back. I wanted the Fiesta XX in blue so I ordered a red one to be a “placeholder”. They held me order(at my request) for the Fiesta XX to come in(which it did a week later). While waiting, the blue YYF Whip came in, so they sent me a Paypal payment request to cover that item to add into the order.

On my latest order before this date, I was ordering a dv888 and a Northstar. They had the Northstar in the color I wanted, but the dv888, I was going to accept the gray, but the Aqua came in, so they went ahead and swapped it out for me before it shipped.

So, if there’s something you’ve got your eyes on, please don’t hesitate to contact them. These folks work like me: take care of your customers. Old school!


Yes also yye has a number you can call till 4pm on weekdays and they ae very nice I use that a lot when I need help.


im gonna get ai or speeder2 or maybe atmosphere u know the white and gold stuff its my favorite
color but it will be about 5-6 monts before i get it. ;D ;D