Hey does anyone know how long it takes for yye to restock their yoyos because I really want to get my hand on a campfire…

Eh, it is relatively easy for YYE to restock something, but much harder for the company to make more to be restocked.

Email the fine people at Caribou Lodge (maybe “Contact Us” at They will be able to tell you much more than us.


Quite a few of the sold out yoyos on this website will never be put back in stock. These yoyos are often limited runs, and are kept on the website as a reference page.

so how should I ask?

Nicely. Ask nicely.

Just express you’re interested in their products. Get specific if you wish to, that’s OK. You can even say where you like to buy the stuff from if you want. They may or may not get back to you. Just be nice, police, to the point and leave it at that.