How can we anticipate restocks?

I got my eye on a throw I want, unfortunatly they are out of stock at this time.

And I am not looking anywhere else, sense I have a gift card for this website I want to use towards it.

So I wanted to know if you guys can anticipate restocks?

I do check the new release page/ forum page for updates. But other than that is there like a trend of normally they come back out? Or is it all based on demand?

The yoyo I have in mind is the orbis, maybe you guys have some inside knowledge of when they are coming back if they are?


Good choice for the orbis, ask yoyoexpert/yoyofficier directly on their website

In a lot of cases the manufacturer will give you a heads up on their Facebook page about future releases and restocks.

And in some cases there are no restocks. Some models or colorways are one shot runs. Best to contact the store to see if what you are looking for is going to be restocked.

Also, there is a restock section of the forum.  So, you can always bump the thread for the release and ask if there will be a restock.  They often bump a thread in there to let us know about a restock.,79453.msg893358.html#msg893358

You should also follow YoyoExpert on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.  There are lots of updates on restocks there too.

I agree that the best way is to contact the store directly to ask, for a faster response.  That is my preferred method.  The email for your convenience:

Yup, email or post in the new releases section and we will answer as soon as we can. We are currently talking with YOYOFFICER about a restock of the Orbis but no news right now. If you send us an email we can put you on an email list and let you know when we get more in stock in the future.