Inventory and re-stock announcements

While waiting for YYE to get inventory in on the new Fiesta XX, I have been waiting for a check from a client to come in. Sadly, the Fiesta XX’s in blue sold out, and I’m still waiting for my check to come in.

At any rate, I see other storefront sites with forums post notices of restocks and new merch coming in. Not numbers of course, but brands and models. This pertains mainly to collector sites and toy sites that I’ve observed, but also recently, since I’m new to yoyos, regarding yoyo internet storefronts with forums. Links are optional. Colors might be nice, but optional as well. Sometimes having them poke around the store leads to impulse purchases.

Of course, this won’t help me be able to buy things when my clients are late paying me.

I know many folks are interested when stuff that is out of stock comes back, as well as new merch becomes available. The new product bulletins are nice and all, but having something in the forum helps push people over to the store. I wonder how many forum users are not also YYE retail customers, not that it’s an important number.

I also know that many of the restocks and new items becoming available are beyond the scope of control for YYE. I’ve done the resale thing before as a VAR(value added reseller), so I get things like availability and all the other goodies that go with it.

Oh, and any thoughts about a saved shopping cart idea?

Here’s my experience - on line yoyo stores announce coming stocks of hot items from some suppliers. My take is that it is an arrangement by the supplier. YYE has made pre-announcements of some products, primarily YYJ models.

I think due to how the various makers operate, that pre-announcements might not be a good idea. I’d rather they just wait until they have it in hand and ready to be sold.

“We just go the (model) from [company] in stock. Check it out!”
That sort of thing. Maybe a little more, but simple. Of course, it is sometimes fun to shop.

Of course, I’m not opposed to pre-announcements. That’s good business too. Didn’t work for me, but data comm is highly volatile. Either way, I’m STILL pleased with the customer service at YYE, so I’ll be back for more one way or another. I just have to decide if I order the item I want in a different color here, or find it elsewhere in the color I want, or do I change my color choice. Either way, I can guarantee YYE will be seeing orders from me.