Yoyo companies... Here's an idea!

Has anyone thought about producing glow int the dark yoyos?


yoyo factory…

What BuddhaFusion said, they’re making the Die-Nasty for worlds and I think the Starlite might be glow in the dark also.

my yomega fireball glows in the dark,

There have been sooo many glow Duncan yoyo’s it’s pathetic.

There’s a ton out there, most failures, others not so much, it’s nothing new.

they should jump all over this idea. It’s so original and hasn’t been done over 100 times yet.


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OMGAZMLOPAGYSSS <(-<)~~~~ <(^_^)>~~~~ (>-)>


How about anodize with glow in the dark paint or dye? Glowing metals.

There is no glow-in-the-dark dye. It doesn’t work that way. So no glow anodization, sorry.

There is glow powdercoating, and there’s glow paint. But due to bloody idiots who don’t understand the nature of such substances, most companies avoid things like that purely for customer service reasons.

I’m sure there could very easily be glow dye.

Don’t be. There isn’t.

Why do you think that? Ever seen any?

Nope, but I think that paint and dye work almost the same, and I just think if someone wanted to they could make some in like a year of trying and testing.

Yeah they don’t work the same. Paint goes on top of whatever substance. You can take paint off. Dye actually changes the color of the substance. You can’t take dye off.

Yet when you anodize your using dye to mask the yoyo not change the color, would paint work for anodizing?

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Um, what? Anodization creates a transparent layer on the surface of the aluminum which is then dyed. A mask such as rubber cement can be applied to prevent the dye from adhering to a specific area, but the whole yoyo is still anodized.