YoYo Colors

The Format:C is seriously the most beautiful, appealing and just down right perfect yoyo I have ever seen. I wish I could afford one.

It’s the best looking yoyo I’ve ever seen. That one thin little raw strip makes it incredibly appealing.

Imagine a Bape format C. Mind blown.

I just wish the engravings looked better

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Have you seen the yoyo with engravings first hand yet or are you just going off pics?

Not saying your aren’t entitled to your opinion. I have found that the engravings are ex entrusted by lighting in the either by light box or flash. In person they are really a nonentity.

Wow I’d love to own one of those!

I am a huge fan of acid washes!! I love the way they look. SPYY had some of the best acid washes on their yoyos. CLYW has some nice acid wash colors too. The berry berry color probably my favorite. Pink and purple together on a yoyo is just amazing.

I agree with saintrobyn about the format:C being all-class in solid colours. However… I do think that a very subtle acid wash would still work great! Slashes would not. But subtle acid wash? It would work for sure.

I’ve seen some amazing splashes, acid washes and other colorways. Regardless of how amazing they may look, I still prefer solid colors. I always have, and I always will.

Not being a solid won’t prevent me from buying what I want. I’ll choose the colorway that visually appeals the most to me.