Yoyo Clearance sale , CLYW , Duncan, g2 ti hawk and much more updated

Hello Everyone , Prices are OBO , please add. 5 dollars for shipping and paypal . I will waive the five bucks if you are buying more than one yoyo .

CONUS only*

A lot of these YoYos I really like , but I just don’t play much .

Duncan Grasshopper. GTX - $40. nmtbs some vibe but thats how it came out of the box

CLYW Dune. - $80 nmtbs. no box

CLYW Peak 2 - $70 a few scuffs.

CLYW compas. Fools Gold - $30 quite a fw scuffs , still plays really well. *sold

G2. TI Hawk - Dizzo annodized - $175 obo *sold

Duncan Yoshicuda x - $35 NMTBS - Vibe present came this way out of the box

Duncan Haymaker X - $50- Powder coated by Yoyo Spirit Red cup black catch zone

Knot Creators Ice Woof -$40 weird flaw on SS rim not sure how it got there. Small scuff .

Yoyo Recreation TM- $45 NMTBS

Old School throws - $70 one small scuff

Mythril Gravitas - $70 NMTBS

Whimsy Aloha - $50 nmtbs.

yoyofactory shutter Wide angle - $30nmtbs.

Unparalleed Reduction - $20 some minor scuffs still plays well.

One Drop Deep State Saturday Market NQP - $50 obo no damages not sure what the flaw was since its NQP . *sold

More photos will be provided for those interested .

Trade interests.
A-rt in general. Furn - diptych - can add for some cash
one drop 54.
one drop rebirth - splashes or fades only
one drop code 2
one drop deitz
one drop parlay - splashes or fades only
One drop marquis -splashes or fades only

Open to alot of things dont hurt to ask.

Thanks for looking


Pm sent

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Bump still some hot stuff left

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Bump bump

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Are there any specific trades you’re looking for? I’ve got my eyes set on that beautiful Akita!

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Mowl , yoyorecreation , some g2 stuff are a few of my favorite high end YoYos . I’m pretty open to entertaining offers so if you have something you think would be a good candidate I’m willing to listen

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Price drop , lots available still

Prices reduced

Hey man. Do you still have the Dune? Are you willing to ship it to Europe? Thanks for your answer

Bump , lots of new new added

Flashback is gone .

Pm’d you about the wish.

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Kuntosh is sold . Lots still available .


Boop boop


Bump listing updated

bump for some new swag

Bump a few price drops