Yo-yos for sale : g2 , yoyofriends , batsquatch and more


Please add five dollars for shipping and pay pal, if you buy more than one I will waive the five dollar shipping and pay pal. US only

I always try and send a video of the condition of the yoyo, so you can see every inch of the yoyo before buying.

Duncan MKT- 20 one small scuff

Yoyofriends koi - 40 nmtbs

Yoyo Palace Ethereal - 70 nmtbs sold *

Basecamp Navigator - 55 nmtbs

yyf Super G - 35 minor wear sold*

Duncan Haymaker x. - 70 OBO , this is a custom powder coat done by Wes AKA yoyo spirit glossy red cup with textured. black. catch zone.

Magicyoyo Vulfgang -60 nmtbs

PDX.Yo Batsquatch 7068 - $110 - comes with NSK DS Bearing Stainless steel version *sold

YoyoFactory Shutter. - NMTBS. - 50 obo

G2 Banshee SS - Sold

Thank for your interest . I do have positive member feedback, if you need me to provide threads for reference.


Bump for Some price drops

bump for updated list and added some yoyos,

@UncleJemaya Are you still looking for an emerald Peregrine?

Omg you’re awesome! I JUST BOUGHT 2 YOYOS THIS WEEK :sob::sob:

Haha no problem! I was a little interested but I know it’s one of your grails :rofl:

AW MAN!! Should be a new run in march tho

Bump for some new postings ! Shoot me offers !

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