Random Goodies Priced to SELL! Updated. OD, YYF, Duncan, Misc

Prices to sell. Bundle up to save. Went on a bit of a buying frenzy the last few years when my available play time is low. I would love for someone to be able to enjoy these for the time being. NMTBS. PayPal friends and family shipping included. More pics please ask. USA only please for shipping.

A pair of clear/sparkly gold loop 720’s basically new $25.00

One Drop Thorn $30.00 (sold)

Baryon $25.00
Duncan GTR 25.00

Duncan Grasshopper gtx 25.00

YoYoFactory Damage $20.00

Yoyofriends Dove Purple $15.00

Duncan Yoshicuda X (Gold Victor Kollar Edition) $25.00 (sold)

New Confusion Yoyofactory, may have hubstack kits for this $20.00

Thesis Invictus Blue to Teal outside Fade $25.00

Recess Little League (Duck) $30.00

YJyoyo Timeslip (Rainbow fade) Smooth as can be $25.00

Mazal Top Vindication rocking hybrid bearing $40.00

Dressel Designs 50-50 sold as b grade years ago black Friday I believe. Plays so nice. $25.00

Winter solstice 2 tone purple like new $20

Summer solstice like new blue/teal $20.00


Post cleaned up for sold and spoken for items. More additions, and price drops. Shipping orders early this week, appreciate the views and interest. Again if you need more info on any throw please ask. Thanks.

updated with some more yo’s and prices to move, bundle discounts available please ask if interested we can deal.

Yo, could I get that thorn?

My apologies thorn was snagged late last night.

A few new ones added with updates. Thanks all.

Loop 720s added more price drops. Let’s make a deal.

Bundle deal for timeslip, duncan GTR, Grasshopper GTX, and Baryon?