Yoyo Caught on High Speed Camera?


You know what would be dope? If they caught a player doing sum sick tricks on a high speed camera. Then we can see it in super slow motion every finger moving shot.

Know of any clips?




Ibanezcolector. :smiley:


I wish i could view that high speed yoyo,But a box pops up with a little picture in the right top corner? :-[ :-[


do you have quicktime? you may want to pm Brett (ibanezcollector) and ask him, he is the one who (along with Chris (saintrobyn) ) runs the site


How do i pm him,Where has he posted?


nvm Downloaded quick time.


You must be new.


you can just youtube to search their video

(Eleazar) #10

Click on the members button and search him.

(PHAZZE) #11

They did a high speed 2a segment on time warp a while back on the Discovery channel…


Yea So …

(PHAZZE) #13

Thats his slogan dont be afraid


lol what :stuck_out_tongue:

He says that to everyone?

(PHAZZE) #15

said it to at least one other person…haha http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,7613.0.html


Ha ,yea i guess ur right.