YoyoFactory BOSS

Sorry about the bad quality:


That was amazing. BTW, great song. :slight_smile:

So fast! Great Video!

Thanks you guys. I was gonna try to make it longer but i didnt have enough time and i had wanted to get it up for over a week.

um… i think you may have sped up parts of that… i dunno, if you watch the pants at parts, they seem to move slightly too fast… but great video!

That was great! I really like the song, music, and the fast play! I wish you could make the quality better next time though.

None of it was sped up (I haven’t figured out how to do that. I just got the new movie maker). It doesn’t look that fast when people see it in real life. The terrible camera quality does that with most of my videos. I’m gonna try to get a camcorder for my b-day. I’m using a digital camera to record right.

It is not sped cause that is how fast he was killin it at ohio contest

it’s just because of the bad quality, but he really is a pretty fast yoyoer.