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not too much happy with this particular vid (didn’t put as much work in it as I wanted), but people seem to like it so far.


Dude, how can you be disappointed with this? That rocked! Awesome video :smiley:


thank you.

well, I know, video wise, I can do much better. Usually I have a rule of thumbs that I use which is

1 minute of video = 1 hour of shooting (not counting anything pre-shooting)
for this video, I only had 1 and a half hour of shooting.

if you watch carefully, the video starts out good with the intro and the first sequences, but then the rythm fades instead of going up along with the music. That is the main thing that I don’t like about this video.

also, I use several lenses for this vid, most of which are high quality, vintage lenses (they’re much cheaper than modern lenses and some can match the quality of very good modern ones), one of which is a modern budget fisheye, and quality wise, it’s much lower than all the other lenses and it really shows. this can be countered by using additional lighting, but I was too lazy to bring them along, my fault.

I know it’s a decent vid overall, but I also know I am capable of much better filming/editing, what disappoints me is that I know how to do it, I just was too lazy and made too many compromises.

all in all, this is also how I learn, some shots are nice and I’m very happy with the opening sequence. I just should have made it 2 minutes shorter, it would have been much better. maybe I’ll try a “remix”.


I really appreciate your comprehensive explanation of your dissatisfaction of this video, it helps us better understand where you felt the compromises in quality lie. That said, I found the production quality of your video outstanding! I was just blown backwards in my seat watching that thing. I truly enjoyed it a great deal. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


Honestly you could film a video with potato and I would still enjoy it! When I watch a video I don’t look for good editing or any other skill other than yoyoing. If you have good tricks I’ll enjoy it(which you did have;))
Imo your editing is some of the best I’ve seen on this website. It’ like the icing on the cake, not necessary, but with it, it’s just that much better! I always enjoy your vids and you should never be disappointed with your work, because it’s always amazing!


thank you. I actually think it’s the way around (to me, at least)

if I make a film, I want it to be a film. If I have to show something, I want to show not only that thing, but also everything that goes along with it.

to me, yoyo tricks, and throwing in general is not only related to the technical aspect of the tricks, but also to what inspires me to create them, what inspires me to play and what kind of mood and feelings I want to express or I feel with those elements.

I think simple tricks videos are nice for the technical aspect of it, but they lack the emotion, the feeling that goes along with yoyoing, that feeling we have when we play, we get into that zone, listening to music and letting our minds slip away. this is what I want to show, not only the technical aspect of it, but also the intimate aspect of it, the sentimental aspect of it. You can’t express those only with the tricks themselves, I feel I need to also show the “why” of it all.

Also, well, while I appreciate the kind word, let’s be honest, I’m merely a glorified beginner, the flow is starting to come together, still slow, the style is slowly starting to be more identifiable, but it’s like I’m learning to walk. I’m not sure the yoyoing by itself, especially the technical aspect of it, is at a level that it could sustain the viewer’s interest just by itself.

And to finish, well, I love yoyoing, I would like everyone to throw, and I think it’ll make up for a better world for everyone, I truly believe that. As we all know, non yoyoing people don’t really care about the technical aspect. With these videos, I want to show them something that will make them want to learn about yoyoing, know more. I want to put yoyoing in a context they could relate to, that will appeal to them. The non yoyoing people are the ones I want to touch with my videos, in that regard, I believe I have to tell stories (at least try). There’s no point for me to make videos that would show how good I am, simply because I am not a good player (I think I’m probably a much better video maker than I am a good player, and I roughly started both at the same time, I hope I will one day film and direct a feature length movie, but I know for sure I ain’t never gonna win a yoyoing world title, not even an european title, and probably not a french national title either, however, it won’t prevent me from trying)

I’ll be more happy the day I’ll do that. I believe I am able to get to that level, I have the tools, I know how it can be done.

then I’ll start working on learning to go further

I’m loving the “american horror story” title sequences

(SR) #7

You always have the most amazing videos. Thank you for bringing your skill to this community.