The Capt's High Speed Breakdowns/Tutorials!Dimension Ghost Page 5

You will find all of the 1A Highspeed breakdowns I have done in this thread. Let me know what you think and what you want added!

French Page 5

Sea Salt On Page 5

Brent Stole

Bottle Rocket

Red Triangle To Double Green Triangle

The Willis

Wrist Whip Tower

Running Ninja

360 Slack

Montgomery Twist


Apple Picking

Chop Chop

Frozen Tundra GT

Tangent GT

Carbonated GT

Red Triangle Suicide

360 Red Triangle Suicide

Gnarwhal GT

Candy Rain

Inverse Wrist Mount

Roundabout GT

Rewrap GT

Flip Flop GT

And Whut

Easy Street

The Approach

Paul Han GT

Asian Pops

Dirty Carpet


Lava Lamp


Double Ninja Vanish

Lotus Bloom


Easy street added

Cool, nice job! ;D

The approach added

I’m gonna work on the approach. I love chopstick tricks. Tanks 4 da tuts!

Thanks for the encouragement. As long as I know people are learning from them, ill keep making them ;D

Paul han gt added

What camera do you use?

I think its a Casio

Asian pops

Asian pops is such an awesome trick!!!

I already knew how to do Asian pops but I appreciate the Highspeed footage! You don’t find this trick on most lists of tutorials. Your tutorials are on more than just ordinary tricks and I look forward to more!

Thanks for showing some love.

Anything else specific you would like to see?

Know any tricks like Zammy’s Desert Rose or Trapdoor where you swing the yoyo through string segments you open up with your hand? I know both of these but some might have never heard of them. Or if you know others like this that I’ve never learned? :slight_smile:

If those are mobious tricks I don’t know them, I’m
Not a fan of those for some reason.

Nah, both are 1A tricks. Desert rose is on YouTube and Sam Lopez has a video of Trapdoor on vimeo/ Any tech tricks that the average bear might not have seen before?

Ok cool, I’ll look those up.

I stopped learning tricks until I started making stuff. I’ve made a lot of stuff up or think I’ve made it up lol I’ll try and break them down into single tricks and film them in the near future

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adding a trick based on the trick snap wave to fake triangle by augie fash

Dirty Carpet

very interesting. im working on the catch to gt still. what yoyo are you using in this?

Used a nickel one drop markmont next

This is a good one for everyone to learn, looks good smooth and easy enough to teach new players