Tutorial #2 - Rolling Flying GT - redone


Fun trick :slight_smile: let me know what you think! used a one drop 54. Enjoy and subscribe to our channel!!

(laxdude99) #2

Pretty nice trick maybe try to get better lighting for the next video


If you do another roll with the slack still formed and then hook in. (That sentence won’t make sense unless you do the trick.) You can do a stop and go when at the GT.


Great trick, but I don’t really feel like I know how to do the trick anymore than when I began the video. I’m sorry that that sounds harsh, but it would be great if you could put some word slides explaining the trick itself.


I do not want to sound harsh but this is not a tutorial, this is a video of you doing a trick in regular speed then slomotion in two diffrent angels. I understood the trick only because I have done alot of these kinds of tricks but you need to explain something…anything would be nice. Sorry to be so blunt but it is true, also nice trick, I like it.


sorry about the bad lighting, I didn’t have the best set up this time ;D oh well. The trick itself though is a bit hard to explain, because even I don’t know exactly what i’m doing. Also if this isn’t a tutorial then what do you call high speed yoyos tutorials? just a thought. I know it’s not high speed or as broken down, but it’s the best I could do this time :slight_smile: sorry about that. Thanks for the feedback though, maybe next time :smiley:

oh and just fyi - if I think I know what i’m doing you’re whipping it into the slack from the back :slight_smile:


I would view then more as breakdowns (like captain anxiety’s high speed breakdowns) and tutorials more as explaining in great detail what to do, oh well hehe. It isnt bad at all and I look forward to seeing how you improve.


redone with explanations :slight_smile: enjoy!