Yoyo CAD & Prototyping Adventures

This is an under-to-mid-sized butterfly shape with a 100% concave cup. Was trying to see if I could get it to an acceptable weight/inertia without making the hub pop out. Had to settle for an 8mm axle though. It landed on 52x52x63g.

I was also trying out an oversized but under-weighted butterfly shape that could take a slim bearing and do stalls. 60x42.43x64g. Not happy with the weight yet, would probably need to go more aggressive on the schmoove ring and just remove a lot of material there. Or, drop it from 10mm axle to 8mm.


More caliper time. I wanted to make renders of a Superwide, so I did.

I changed the cup a bit, but the measurements and weight are real close to the original one.
Fun little afternoon exercise.