Yoyo buying question!!!

I want to buy yoyos cheaper. So I’m going to YYF factory and can I buy yoyos in YYF factory??? ???

Um can you be more specific? Like are you emailing there Website or are you actually visiting there factory? Cause from what I know they are changing locations right now.

Then be satisified with less expensive yoyos and you get what you want.

I mean, seriously, you’re flying from Korea to get to the YYF location to save money? I’d say save on the airfare and even with the international shipping, you’ll still come out way ahead. I would also call ahead and see if they do sales ad walk-ins at their location. I know One Drop does, but I honestly wouldn’t expect all companies to do that.

Worth mentioning, YoYoFactory doesn’t take individual orders from factory anymore. If you have to get products, you need to find a retailer who sells them.
And I’m pretty sure Korea has a few yoyo stores out there. Do a bit of research and see if you can save money by buying YoYoFactory yoyos that are sold in a Korean store. :]

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unless your going to the yoyofactory because you have family there (or friends). but if your going, get a protostar. it performs like a $100 metal, and costs only $30

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and like studio42, international shipping costs about $75 a pop, i think. better than a $1500 dollar airfare, plus the convinience of shipping to your door. and maybe wait for the korean national yoyo contest? they probably have some yyf throws there

duncan echo. nuff said.

I’m actually going to the factory

I’m moving from Korea

I’m moving from Korea