yoyo budget.

I would pick 2 50 dollar yoyo’s

2 for 50

10 10 dollars yo-yos, most likely Fast 201s.

I knew you were going to say that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why ::slight_smile:

I just sili recessed mine and changed the bearing with some spacers and a Spec, it is win.

It just needs a little more weight…

75 25, but the 25 would probably be accessories.

It all depends on what is on the market at that particular time. It may be one yoyo or ten. Who knows. It also depends on if I’m in the mood to make a bunch of bearingized profly’s. If thats the case then I’m going for those. It just so happens that I am making a bunch right now!

How’d you put a spec in it?

a spec bearing

Hubstack bearings.

Mine had a little “S” on it.

A $75 and a $25… No $70 and $30 then I could get a PGM and a Dv888 ;D

Yeah… I’d go FundaMETAL and PGM

Since I already have 2 FundaMETAL’s and I’m not interested in another, I would get a $100 yoyo - A P2 to be specific.

Or I might get a FG Peak.


Dv888 and ------?


I’d probably do something similar to this:

A $15 plastic YoYoJam (Lyn Fury is what I mainly want) to mod.

2 loopers, something like sunsets, or Raiders for my brother.

that’s about $45, and I’d get a New breed or another Cream, so about 50 more.

And 5 for shipping.

The yoyos I’m looking to buy right now are all around $50 - $100 so if anything i would just buy one and save up for the next one… Why, is someone giving away $100? ??? LOL! I want in in that case! ;D

definitely 2 50 dollar yoyo’s

thats partly what i did. i just ordered a lyn fury to mod. off topic but does any one know of a good video for modding a lyn fury.
also for some reaso i want to get the other yoyos on yoyoexpert like the journy and kickside and speedmaker. i know they are beginner throws but i still want them

Don’t you DARE say they are for begginers! (Not sarcasam) Ok, that was a bit harsh, but…

They are just as good as any other yoyo I have used, I LOVE the KickSide.

Agreed, that was a bit harsh but they aren’t beginner yoyos. Beginners can use them but they aren’t beginner yoyos. My journey can handle just about everything my others can.

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Yup, Mean my Big Ben can handle all of my techy tricks and it is huge. And I don’t even have to make an effort to get my lyn to do all of my tricks and I am well over master.
But back to the topic. I would probably get two HG yoyojams so that would probably be around 40$. Then I would get another dark magic which is around 40$. Then I would spend the rest on a couple of bearings.

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