Which yo-yo would be good for me?

Hey everybody,(It is me again.)
It is getting close to my birthday, it is February 28, and I have been looking to find a yo-yo to put on my birthday list, but I can’t seem to pick one yet. The ball bearing yo-yos I have are the Legacy, Big Ben, Dark Magic, Fast 201, Duncan Mosquito, Duncan Dragonfly, and the Duncan Bumble Bee.
My Preferences are:

  1. My Price Range is preferably between $10 to $20.
  2. I will use it for advance string tricks.
  3. The only modification I am willing to do, is to pour flowable silicone in it, but I don’t want to have to recess it though.
  4. I don’t care about the color as long as it is not pink, purple, and yellow.
  5. I prefer a yo-yo that I could just take the response out, if I want to, to put silicone in it.
  6. The only shape I don’t want is imperial shape.
  7. I want a yo-yo that is durable, not fragile.
  8. I prefer it to be at least 60 grams.
  9. I prefer it to be unresponsive.
    Sorry for being picky, and thank you in advance.

You’re REALLY limited if you can spend only $10-$20. Maybe a FHZ?

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that is tough, can’t you get money for your birthday instead then keep your allowance if you have one? maybe die-nasty, it’s made for 5a but you can still play 1a with it pretty well
http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,11870.0.html, this todally proves it( don’t reply on it because it is a old post)

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What if I add around $10? Are there any yo-yos that would fit my preferences between $20 to $30, but if it is a tiny bit above $30, I would be ok with it.

Well there is the PGM which is a good yoyo. Its unresponsive and you don’t need to mod it at all.
The Die-Nasty is also a good yoyo. I just got one today, and I got to say it is way better than I thought. I like it a lot more for 5a than 1a though. There is something about it that fells right when doing 5a.

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You can get the protostar!!! :o :o :o :o, or a PGM

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I have looked at both, and I have a few questions about the PGM and the Protostar.

Protostar questions: Does it have any vibes. Is it as durable as the Legacy?(The reason I ask this, is because the see through color on this yo-yo makes the plastic look thin, where it could break easily.)

PGM questions: Does it have any vibes? Do the hub stacks affect play? Does it come with a CT bearing? Do I have to take the hub stacks off just to open the yo-yo? If I bought nubs and put them on instead of the hub stacks, does it cause vibes?

I am right now leaning towards choosing the Protostar, because I always wanted to try the the center trac bearing and I like the red color.

Thank you in advance, and sorry for so many questions.


I am not sure about these, but I dont think any of them of any vibe(one that you could fell anyway). I have played with the PGM and the hubs dont really effect play unless you play with them during your throw, and no you do not have to take of the hubs just to open the yoyo. It does not come with a CT, and I wouldn’t think nubs would create vibe on it.

I have no Idea about the Protostar.

Hope that helps!

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All of the Protostars and v2 PGMs I’ve played vibe.

I’d get a Protostar or a Legacy

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I read a post by YoYoBlaze, here I will quote it, (This is just a note, I took off what YoYoBlaze quoted.)
Just because the descriptions give it one level doesn’t mean the yoyo is exactly that level.
The YYJ Speeder used to be under Intermediate to Advanced, yet Mickey won the World 1A Title 3 times in a row with it.
The YYF Velocity was under Beginner to INtermediate, yet I myself am working on the Master tricks here at the Learn Section and many others have mastered Ladder Escape with this amazing plastic. Grant Johnson is rocking it with the “Intermediate” Legacy all over the country, and Andre shows you himself the awesome sthings you can do with The Dark Magic which was also under the Intermediate to Advanced
I opened my Counter Attack on Christmas and I love it. Just because it’s beginner to Intermediate doesn’t mean it can’t do anything Advanced. I am constantly landing har tricks with it so the given skill level doesn’t mean it.
Like I said before, it’s about preference.
After I read it, I decided on the Kickside, because I like it better than the other two, because of the side caps, and because I did not like the other two for some reason. (The kickside has a hybrid response, so if I want, I could put silicone in the o-ring half.)
As a closing, I would like to say thank you to everyone who posted, and sorry for all the trouble, and I would also like to say thank you, YoYoBlaze, for the post.

The Lyn Fury sounds like a good yo-yo for you. I have one and it comes with o-rings. I am planning to mod it with flowable silicone so you can do the same. Its a great throw and it can take you to all the advance tricks. Aside from that, once you buy it will be slightly responsive. Either break in the bearing and it will be fully unresponsive or buy a pair of shims. Your choice. Hope this helps!

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Maybe go with a Kickside. I like the shape over the Lynn. I would say a Legacy for all the things you listed, but you already have one. Kickside has o-rings, so you can pop them out and sili it.

At this point, I’d say save up to buy something better and get out of that range. You already have a Legacy, you won’t find much better in that price range. It’s better to wait and be happy then scratch an itch (buying something for the sake of buying something new) just to wind up in the same place in a couple of weeks.

Go with an atmosphere or New Breed, both are very slick and in the $40 range.

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I am sorry for keep changing my mind, but after reading everybody’s posts, I decided to wait for the MoYo contest, and just ask for a Duncan yo-yo glove for my non-throw hand, because my left hand when it gets too hot, does not slide as easily as it does when it is not and wait on a yo-yo, because I have read that I might be able to try out different yo-yos there, then I could decide on one by how it plays.
I have just one question, “Would it be some tryout yo-yos at yo-yo booths there, or would it be somebody’s yo-yo?”
Thank you for all of your help, everybody.

The lyn fury and legacy are great and in your price range. As for the contest, there will probably be some booths. People will let you try out theirs too,… if you’re not too clumsy. ::slight_smile:

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Thank you for your help, yoyot. When I saw that smiley face rolling its eyes, it made me laugh. lol

usually people will let yoyoers try their yoyos if you ask. it is one of the unspoken laws. JUST ASK FIRST, and if you can, do it over the carpet. and make sure the string isn’t too long. i tried so many yoyos at the last contest i went to.

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You have the legacy and the dark magic what more could you want

Well the reasons I would still get new yo-yos is because I would start to get preferences, and I like how each of my yo-yos I have has a unique play to it. (I play whichever I want to throw for the day.)

By getting the yo-yos I have now, I now know that my favorite response is silicone, I like yo-yos to weigh close to 70 grams, and I like them to have tight binds.

The Kickside will offer a different style of play.