Yoyo Beginners Help

Hey guys.
I’ve started to get back into Yoyo-ing recently. I used to play it quite a bit when I was a kid since my parents owned a shoe store and we sell yoyo’s xD. It’s been years since then and I just happened to find one of my old yoyo’s. A Yomega Fireball. Playing with it brings back old memories and realized how fun i had when I was younger.
Anyway I’m in the market for a new yoyo and gear since my fireball is a bit beat up and was wondering if anyone can recommend one. My price range can be anything from $10-$50 for the yoyo itself and addition $50 tops to whatever gear I may need to accompany it.
Chances are this will remain a hobby but it will be one that I don’t mind spending addition cash on.

With a range like that, you can go from as inexpensive to a YoYoFactory ONE or WHIP or even a lower-cost metal.

As you’re aware, your Fireball is a yoyo meant for looping and uses a transaxle. Definitely step up to something with a ball bearing axle. Also, you’re probably not up to date on stuff like responsive vs. non-responsive yoyos.

The bigger questions are do you want to go looping, string tricks or maybe spend that $50 and get an assortment of decent low cost yoyos so you can rediscover this hobby and have more fun? Or you can get one really good yoyo.

Many of the plastic/metal yoyos made by YoYoJam are under $50. Also, of these, many come with a thinner responsive bearing and a wider bearing for non-responsive play. Even though the price may be a bit high, it lets you “grow” with you. Then again, the $10 YoYoFactory ONE ships in two configurations: one with a DVD or one with a wider non-responsive bearing included in the package. Getthe option with the non-responsive bearing, as the yoyo includes a pre-installed responsive bearing, and when you’re ready to move to non-Responsive play, you swap the bearing out. That leaves plenty left over to get a looping yoyo, strings, lube and response pads.

Well, for your level now, no need fopr additional cash but as you get to the time where it’s too much for the yoyo, you can use quite a bit of money, especially for the premiums (over 100$).

I would recommend the DM2 for 1A. It is interchangable from resposnive to unresponsive. Using the SPEED bearing (unresponsive), it can get through anything if you got skill. But it is a great starter yoyo to…well… start off of.

2A, I would recommend the Unleashed. It’s great, loops well, but a but heavy. I held it and went like balls, it’s going to loop down but it looped just fine. Nice loops, and aquires any 2A trick.

I would recommend the following yoyos:


One-Ships with an extra SPEC bearing
Velocity-Adjustable dials
Speed Dial-Adjustable Dials
Dark Magic 2-Ships with an Extra Speed Bearing
Revolution-Ships with an Extra Speed Bearing
Spin Faktor X-Ships with an Extra Speed Bearing



As for accessories I would Recomend getting:

YYJ Thick Lube
Addtional string
CBC Slim 19 mm OD reponse pads(If the yoyo you buy uses these)

If he’s going for 1A, no need for thick lube. @OP, that’s a lot tlo choose from. Just find one that you like, all of them are great.

i would recomend the one if you dont know the basics but if you do then get a protostar or northstar, or maby a whip and dive in head first