Yoyo bearing help

Is there a yoyo bearing that isn’t completely unresponsive but at the same time can do advanced tricks? And also in the videos by andre boulay on this website, what bearing does he use in his dm 2??

He used a dife yo konkave and nO bearing that can do slacks but it helps to learn a bind

if u want your bearing completely unresponsive clean it. There are plenty of tuts out there, pretty much soak your bearing in like Lighter fluid, goof off, mineral spirts…and so on stuff like that. Dry it off with compressed air, spin it a few times on a pin… and there ya go a completley unresponsive. Make sure to lube it with lik thin lube, or if u are like i was at one point, use 1/2 drop of 3 in 1. That always worked for me.

maybe you just need to take the speed bearing and lube it with thick lube(because it will make it responsive) and you need to have a thin lube in case it didn’t work. I think andre just use a normal speed bearing

Could you repeat that in English? It makes no sense at all.

So what bearing would you recommend for the intermediate player? Please don’t say the training bearing in the dm2 box because the string snags like none other.

The speed bearing I got with my dm2 was working fine at the beginning, but now when I play with it, it squeals and makes all these really loud sounds. Is there something wrong, or if I lube it up, will it go back to being quiet?? Also what kind of lube should I use or where can I buy some really good stuff?

The speed bearing is fine.

Yes, lube it. Synthetic teflon or PTFE based lubes work good - fishing reel, gun type lubes come to mind.
The hardware store should have something called Synco Super Lube. Radio shack sells the same product under their own label.