yoyo battle! place your votes here!


Logi and I did a battle, so place your votes!




i dont know who to chose but i like how logi put is glasses on magically


need more votes!

(Kei) #4

Logi had more variation in tricks. (Suicides, body tricks)
But Firespitter had better flow and some really nice technical tricks.

Video wise:
Logi had some neat editing, but his string visibility was almost none.
Firespitter did the whole video with no cuts (which is a plus in my book), the only downfall from that was there were a couple of string misses.

It was a good match, but my vote goes to firespitter


Firespitter by miles. Better tricks, better flow, and you could actually see the string.


agree, firespitter was much more entertaining. MUCH smoother


Sorry about the string :stuck_out_tongue: the gopro won’t pick it up.


Bump! I getting CREAMED ;D




Use a different color string.