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i voted chris. in lunatics vid you cant really see the string and like a quarter of the vid is him trying to jerk. (no offence lunatic)


where is mine???


Chris… you cheater. You’re supposed to be on the experts… :smiley:

So yeah… I vote for Chris.

@skypo901 Were you using Tommy’s Lyn Fury? Did you get your Protostar back?


Chris had the best filming, Skypo had the best tricks, and YoYoLunatic had the best jerking.

So, I vote Skypo I guess, since the point of a video battle is to see who has the better tricks.


Thanks for that comment man! I took a look at the expert section and I have to say that I’m nowhere close to them.

@skypo The string was really hard to see for me, but the tricks were great. I didn’t think the Tower GT at the end was necessary. Great simple vid.


Wait I can’t see the vid. how is lunatic being a jerk? I vote Chris.


He was doing the Jerk Dance.


vote people it is better for me to try and lose than to never try at all


keep the vote coming


can i bump this?


Please don’t triple post. :slight_smile: There is a modify button. Also, there is no need to bump it three times within 1 hour and 40 minutes.


I’m sorry for the 4 day Necro but I was wondering on when voting ends.


lol at lunatic. Why where you TRYING to do the jerk? Smoothen out yours tricks they looked choppy chris is best


What THE HECK I NEVER APROVED A BATTLE OF YOU GUYS WITH ME.That video was like 2 weeks into yoing and ive been yoing for 8 months


and thats how you jerk bro.Its to the song your a jerk.PALMFACE