yoyo axle question

I just got a CLYW fg chief. the previous owner said it was stripped. I took out the axle the it was sent with, which was crushed/stripped. I put in a new axle (set screw) I got from home depot and it seems as if the set screw screws in without any problems I am noticing. But the only thing I am noticing is some really small metal flakes coming from inside the threading of the yoyo. Could that be because the inside of the threading of the yoyo is becoming stripped or because it is a new axle? if anyone has an answer, let me know!

Yes, the threads, in the yoyo half, are messed up. Can you screw it together and play it?

I can, but it doesn’t sound right when i do and i think it messed up my bearings, either that or it caused a metal flake to get inside of it.

Yea, the metal flaking off is coming from the threads inside the yoyo half… I’m not sure how far it’s gone like that but it’s not going to get any better. It’d play good as new if you get someone to put a heli-coil in it.

ok, thanks, I might just send it to someone who does a rethreading with a helicoil

It will, definitely, need something before long. The more the axle gets threaded into it, since it’s already been threaded in wrong, it doesn’t have a definitive set of threads anymore. It has too much room to damage the existing threads now.

You got a good deal though.