small "possible" defect on new Chief

I got my Chief in a few days ago and noticed this right away, but hesitated to ask about it because I’m just not very experienced with high end throws.

There seems to be some damage from where the yoyo was tapped on each half. Is this common for CLYW? None of my other throws have anything like this on them. I honestly can’t tell if it affects play at all, sometimes I feel a vibe and sometimes I don’t, but my release isn’t perfect so I can’t tell what’s my fault and what isn’t.

If some of you geniuses could let me know what you think that would be great. Pics are below.

Purchased new?

Brand new from YYE. It’s the MisChief edition that just came out.

I dinged the edge the other day, so I doubt they’d take it back, but if it’s not right I hope something can be done.

You can test out to see if it’s your throw that’s making it vibe or the defect by throwing it and smoothing it out by lightly placing your finger under the yoyo (if that made any sense). If it still has vibe, then it’s the yoyo. If not, then it’s your throw.

Weird though. I’ve never really seen anything like that on a CLYW. But then again, I haven’t seen too many CLYWs.

Is it just discolored or is it raised? I would contact YYE, at worst they will say no swap. See if you can compare it to someone else’s. If the axel screws in snug (very little wiggle) you should be ok. CLYW generally has very high quality so it is unusual. Good luck.

There are bits of metal missing. The axle is snug, but I’m concerned it won’t hold up over the long run. Should I email YYE or are they likely to look at the thread?

I would say just contact them.

They may look at this thread, they may not. And you will probably get a quicker response.

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I just emailed them. Not even sure what I want to be honest. I love this yoyo, but I don’t like getting damaged stuff that costs so much.
This is my first experience with CLYW and I don’t want it to be my last, but IDK after this.

I really appreciate all the advice.

If you dinged it they wont take it back. Policy is they will exchange after 3 weeks if its not damaged from user. Good luck though, you never know.

that is super rowdy, I’ve bought 2 foolsgold directly from clyw (1 chief 1 canvas) and both have 0 vibe and ridiculously small ano flaws where the bearing sits. I am super surprised to see this ever made it to YYE. Did you unscrew it right when you got it?

Definitely. Although YYE is saying they don’t see anything wrong. I’m going to need to try and get a better pic.

Because of the wait time and the ding it almost becomes that grey area in retail. You obviously got use out of it which has a monetary value. If it was noticed before or early in play different story. If it bugs you, toss it on the BST at a small loss and order another. Good luck.

This probably won’t affect play in the slightest bit. Something like this might be a machining error but this really won’t make a noticeable change.