Yoyo Android App!


I’m working on an app for Android devices that will serve as a repository for most Yoyo tutorial sites.

You choose off a menu which site’s videos you wanna see, then the type of yoyoing (1a, 2a etc) and then the level of difficulty of he trick or by name.

I have no knowledge AT ALL of coding or app development for android devices but I’m learning!

I wanted to know if I had the support of the YYE community!

Any coders out there wanna help out? It’s a fairly simple app! Just link to videos on youtube. easy peasy I think…

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iPhone please.
Make an App for Apple!


First, I’m not interested in helping you, but more importantly, I’m not interested in doing anything other than encouraging you. I am all for someone wanting to expand their knowledge. So, first off, go for it.

Second, this has been done before, at least as an iPhone app, but it goes with another yoyo site. Clearly, there is a market for this kind of thing.

Now, just my thoughts:
The data plans on my carrier kind of suck, and the data service can be unreliable as well as suck. The last thing I want to do is wait for a day and a half to get some video to learn something in my microscopic break. However, realize this is a carrier and cloud issue more than anything else. What I have done, and I’ve said it elsewhere on here, I download and save the videos to my hard drive, then I load them into my iPhone. I’m sure the same loading process can be done on an Android as well. I know my time is limited so I do things to save time.

I also make playlists so I can just bring what I need to work on, which can include videos from many different sites that I’ve also downloaded. I just carry what I need, which is typically no more than 3-4 tricks at most.

I think the community will support you on this. I’m just saying there are other ways that may be better ways to handle this, but it does require that the end users take more up front effort. I’ve made the front end effort.


app thread locked. We’ve been over this way too many times.