YoYoExpert App(unofficial)

I am trying to learn how to Android appear. I found this website and made an app for YoYoExpert . It is not much, but it is my first app. I am going to try to post it to the Android Marketplace, but here is a link to give you first chance.

Here is the link, http://www.appsgeyser.com/48189

Is it any different from using the site from the browser?

Not really, no. But it does load MUCH faster

Did you code the whole thing yourself? If so I’m impressed. Otherwise you can’t really sell it. Either way, I’d get Andre’s permission first.

It’s free

I’d still get permission.

id like an ipod app as well :slight_smile:

An Ipod would kill. The only yoyo app is this stupid duncan thing.

i have it. i cant do it well. but i can do ladder escape, and whut, other random tricks…

No, but I am trying to learn how to make it my own way, I just used a website that makes it easy to make apps, but I will keep it free, even if I learn to make my own app, and code it myself, and before I even posted it, I sent Andre an email to get his permission, and he gave me the ok to post it.

Oh ok. Since it’s cool with him, I’d be happy to work on an iPhone app if the community would fund it.

I found another way to make apps for android and either iphone or iphone 4.

I say we just code it and get it over with.